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Dr. George Young (1765-1783)

In the early 18th century great store was laid on introducing exotics and valuable commercial plants from the East to Kew gardens in England to be sent later to the American tropics. Prizes and awards were given by the Royal Society to anyone fostering the introduction, establishment, and dissemination of highly prized species, and so it came about that in 1765 under General Robert Melville, Governor-in-Chief of the then Windward Federation, that a botanic garden was started in St. Vincent. Dr. George Young, Principal Medical Officer and an avid horticulturist, was appointed its first curator. By 1778 under his capable and enthusiastic guidance the garden had attained an enviable reputation and received wide acclaim.


Dr. Alexander Anderson (1812-1815)

Anderson also traveled to other British-held islands, with Dr. Young or at his direction, and accompanied Young on his return to St. Vincent in 1784. When Anderson became the first person known to climb the Soufriere of St. Vincent (at 4,048 feet, the highest peak on the island), Young realized that he was not only an experienced naturalist but an active field man as well and recommended
him as his successor in the superintendency of the garden.


William Lochead 

William Lockhead succeeded Anderson in 1812


George Caley

George Caley succeeded Lochead but was proved incapable and the gardens fell upon lean times.


H. Powell (1884)

Mr. H. Powell was appointed curator of the re-established Garden of 13 acres in 1890. He proved excellent and The Garden soon regained its former glory.


William Sands (1904)

William Sand was appointed St. Vincent’s first Superintendant of Agriculture.


T.P. Jackson

A.K. Briant

C.K. Robinson

M.A.G. Hanschell

J.M. Cave

Hugh S. McConnie

Conrad De Freitas


William Fraser

Mr. Fraser was a well disciplined man who discharged his duties seriously. He commenced work at 6am when he opened the gate which he locked at 6pm every evening.


Mr Samuel Peters (mid-1950s - 1968)

Mr Peters was the caretaker of the Botanical Gardens from around the mid 1950s to 1968. Mr. Peters was driven by a desire to keep the Botanical Gardens beautiful at all times; it was the pride and joy of his heart. During his time as caretaker, the Botanical Gardens were very well maintained, with special focus on beautifying the gardens with very rare and beautiful flowers of all kinds. The centre walkway of the Botanical Gardens was lined with a variety of hibiscus, backed by ixoras and palm trees; the hibiscus was the highlight. Mr Peters received an award for his work at the Botanical Gardens on one of the visits of Queen Elizabeth II to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


James Francois 1968 - 1971

During his stint at the Botanical Gardens Francois took great pride in his work, although time had to be given also to the Camden Park experimental station.  During his tenure the Gardens will well be remembered for its exquisite state with well manicured and unbroken hedges. He presided over the propagation of plants both for sale and use in the gardens.   He also ensured the strategic plating of additional trees and flowers within the Gardens.


Calvin Nicholls

Mr. Calvin Nicholls’ contribution to the continued development of the Botanic Gardens began earnestly when he was appointed Agricultural officer, Forestry and later when he became Deputy Chief Agricultural Officer and Head of the Forestry Department (then called a Division).


Eustace Nash

David Gibson

Leopold Bullock

Ronald Bullock

Alvira Bennette

Marcella Dyer

Berisford Findlay

Cheryl Cupid


Emmette Doyle

Mr. Emmet Doyle would have served in several capacities from a relatively young age at the Botanical Garden included as a Curator


Andrea White

Gordon J.P. Shallow (2013 - Present)


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