More and more people visit the gardens now and they appear equally popular with locals and strangers alike. As the St. Vincent Botanical Gardens celebrate its 250 anniversary in 2015, we at National Parks Rivers and Beaches Authority aim at improving the attractions and enhancing the beauty of the Gardens by introducing new plant species, and turning out more budded and grafted fruit trees and other desired plants, as well as collaborating with the Department of Forestry, to upgrade the Nicholes Wildlife Center to a more modern aviary which currently houses another of our prized national symbol, the national parrot, Amazona Guildingii.

This year the gardens attain their 249th anniversary and grand celebrations are planned for the 250 anniversary in 2015. A commemorative issue of stamps will be brought out depicting scenes and history. It is planned to give these celebrations, scheduled for March 2015, a very wide publicity. By this means it is hoped to focus attention on so lovely an institution of such comparative antiquity in the new world and to preserve with and intensity our efforts towards its unending improvement. A complete relabelling is planned together with a thorough smartening up.

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