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The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority cordially invites you to the commemoration of the arrival of the Breadfruit plant that was brought to St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Captain William Bligh.

This commemorative event will be held on January 23rd, 2015, commencing with a parade from Kingstown (Agriculture Input Warehouse) to the Botanical Garden.

The Parade from Kingstown to the Botanical Garden will culminate with a symbolic commemorative ceremony of the handing over of the breadfruit plant brought to St. Vincent on the HMS Providence, by Captain Bligh on January 23rd, 1793.

This reenactment ceremony is also intended to be a highly educational event on a very important aspect of Vincentian History and civilization.

The event will highlight the wider historical significance of the Botanical Garden, regionally and globally as a plant propagation and conservation Garden.

In 2014 the Botanical Gardens will host a number of events as a prelude to the major celebrations planned for 2105 in honour of the 250th anniversary. 


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The Botanical Gardens celebrates its 250th anniversary on 2015. Providing guidance on the celebrations is a committee of distinguished Vincentians who will contribute their skills and experience over the coming year.

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Hello and welcome to the new Botanical Garden website! We've been working hard to bring this together and provide you with lots of information about what's happening at the garden, it's historyplant collection and how you can get involved in conservation efforts. You can read the article about Mr Samuel Peters, the first article in our upcoming series on the garden's curators.

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As part of International Biodiversity Day the Botanical Gardens was at Heritage Square selling house plants. This year the theme is focused on Islands and their surroundings – particularly near shore marine areas constituting unique ecosystems which often comprise many endemic plant and animal species (found nowhere else on earth).

For Saint Vincent and the Grenadines we are blessed with beautiful and complex ecosystems and biodiversity. From our National Bird the St Vincent Parrot to our Black Snake and our abundant marine species including turtles, whales and all marine species. Our ecosystems carry a legacy of a unique evolutionary history and are irreplaceable treasures - we must be aware that without these ecosystems our livelihood, economy, wellbeing and cultural identity of our beautiful island will be at risk of extinction. You can read National Park's article on International Biodiversity Day here.

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