HRH Prince Harry of Wales

Prince Harry will visit the picturesque island of St Vincent on 27th November, part of the chain of islands making up the Realm of St Vincent and the Grenadines. His Royal Highness will be met off the boat at Kingstown Cruise Terminal Pier by the Governor General His Excellency Sir Frederick Ballantyne, other government officials and a military parade, at which he will formally inspect the Guard.


From there, Prince Harry will travel to Botanic Garden at about 10 am, the oldest in the western hemisphere which celebrated it's 250th anniversary in 2015. Boasting a wealth of tropical plants, flowers, trees and birds, the gardens are also home to the beautiful St. Vincent Parrot, the Amazona Guildingii, the country's national bird. Here, His Royal Highness will tour the site, watching a number of cultural performances and will plant a commemorative Baobab tree to mark the visit.





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The Caribbean and Central American Botanical Garden Network was established in 2013 to bring botanical institutions together to engage, share and learn from each other for the benefit of plant conservation and preservation of biodiversity.  The key objective of the network is to enhance communications between regional botanic gardens and to assist Target 16 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.


Target 16: Institutions, network and partnerships for plant conservation established or strengthened at national, regional and international levels to achieve the target of this Strategy


At the conference, the St. Vincent Botanic Garden will be presenting on "Challenges facing the St. Vincent Botanical Garden in the 21st Century", as well as, "Funding Botanic Gardens - Challenges and Opportunities"




 The St. Vincent Botanical Garden was successfully awarded grant funding of EC $7,500 from the New Zealand High Commission Fund - Bridgetown.

The grant funding was awarded for a "Botanical Garden Rehabilitation" project, which aimed at rejuvenating the interest of the general public in Garden.

The project's outputs were; construction five weather proof park benches, installing one hundred new tree signs for better signage and interpretation, as well as purchasing of new plant specimen for trail development and exhibiting.


it is hoped that these new features will enhance the overall visitors' experience at the Garden, and increase patronage by the public, which would also result in the development of greater understanding of the botanical world and deeper appreciation for nature.
















One of the benches installed under the Soufriere tree near the iconic Doric temple.

This was just one of the activities completed as LIME celebrated their mission day on Thursday 29th October, 2015. Not only did the telecommunications giant close its door for the entire day, but all members of staff embarked on a selfless journey for the entire day. LIME donated over $2500 in tools that day and went on to cultivating the ground for the planting of hibiscuses, raked the lawn and scraped and re-painted the entrance bridge. Thank you LIME!


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