Dillenia indica


Family: Member of the Dilleniaceae family; other members include the Malaysian Shrubby Simpoh (Dillenia suffruticosa)

Description: A handsome, medium-sized, evergreen or seasonally deciduous tree, up to 15 m tall (50 ft); simple leaves are large, ellliptic- oblong and wrinkled, with serrated edges and 23-30 cm long (9-12 in); tree bears very large, attractive, solitary white flowers, 13-18 cm across (5-7 in), with numerous stamens; produces a profusion of large, round, green fruit, 10-15 cm in diameter (4-6 in), formed by the much enlarged, closely packed, fleshy sepals; fruit is juicy and very acid.

Natural Habitat: Tropical and semi-tropical regions with light to moderate rainfall; propagated by cutting or seed, but seeds do not store well.

Origin & Distribution: Indigenous to India and Sri Lanka, and found in Tropical Asia generally.

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