Thubergia grandiflora, Synonym T. laurifolia


Family: Belongs to the Acanthaceae or Acanthus family, which includes an erect Thunburgia species (T. erecta) and the ornamental Sanchezia speciosa.

Description: A strong and fast growing, large, woody, high climbing vine, on fences, walls, shrubs and trees; flowering branches often pendulous; leaves simple and opposite, toothed and rough on both sides, lanceolate to ovate (elongated heart shape), up to 15 cm long (6 in); beautiful flowers born year-round; are axillary and solitary or in short racemes; have sky-blue, 5-petaled corolla, 6-10 cm across (2.5-4 in), inside pair of large, joined, boat-shaped, light brownish-green bracteoles; calyx inconspicuous; fruit is a capsule.

Natural Habitat: Tropical vine, mostly at low elevations; propagated by seed and cuttings.

Origin and Distribution: Native of India and the E. Indies; found in most of the Caribbean islands and widespread in tropics and sub-tropics.

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