Ixora coccinea; Synonym: I. macrophyrsa


Family: Belongs to the Rubiaceae family, which includes the larger flowered, more vibrant, Ixora casei, the various coffee species (Coffea arabica, C. robusta, C. liberica) and the famous Noni, locally known as Pankila - a derivation of Painkiller, (Morinda citrifolia).

Description: A medium sized shrub, up to 9 ft tall (3 m); leaves simple, opposite, eliptical, smooth, green with lighter green in dry season, 8-12 cm long (3-5 in); flowers orange-red, born in terminal, dense, spherical bunches (corymbs), 8-10 cm wide (3-4 in ) and 5-8 cm tall (2-3 in), with numerous flowers in each bunch; individual flowers consist of a tubular corolla 5-8 cm long 2-3 in, topped by four acute lobes, about 1.5 cm long (0.6 in); flowers throughout year; fruit a roughly spherical berry, black when ripe; red, orange and yellow cultivars also available.

Natural Habitat: Well drained tropical soils in medium rainfall areas; propagation usually by cuttings, sometimes by seed.

Origin and Distribution: Originates in the East Indies; now widely distributed in tropics and variously in sub-tropics; common throughout Caribbean.

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