Eryngium foetidum 


Plant Family:  Apiaceae


Description:  this plant is a tropical perennial and annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Its scientific Latin name literally translates as "foul-smelling thistle". Common names include culantro, Mexican coriander and long coriander. 


Natural Habitat: Itis cultivated worldwide.


Origin and Distribution:   It is native to Mexico and South America


Cultural uses:  this is a family of culinary herb that has been used for centuries to provide exotic flavor to food. The green leaves are blended and made into a paste as part of green seasoning.  The entire plant is chopped and used to flavor meats, seafood, vegetables and fresh fruit salsas. This herb also has medicinal properties and the leaves of the plant have been named as remedy for high blood pressure and epilepsy ( hence the reason it is also referred to as fit weed). Traditionally it is used as a medicine to cure burns, earache, constipation, asthma, stomachache, worms and diarrhea. It is also said that the plant acts against flus and colds.  

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