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The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour celebrated the achievements of participating schools in the 2023 National School Garden Competition with a closing ceremony held at the Methodist Church Hall.

The competition, jointly funded by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Cooperative Credit Union, the SVG Association of Evangelical Churches and the Ministry of Agriculture, sought to foster the development of students.  It provided an opportunity for schools to produce food for their kitchens, promote healthy eating habits and raise environmental awareness.

The participating schools were: Owia Government School, Sandy Bay Government School, Argyle Primary School, North Union Secondary School, St. Clair Dacon Secondary School, St. Vincent Girls’ High School, St. Vincent Grammar School, Intermediate High School, West St. George Secondary School, Paget Farm Government School, Lower Bay School Inc., Sunshine School for Children with Special Needs, Kingstown Anglican School, Buccament Bay Secondary School, Barouallie Anglican School, Barrouallie Government School and West Wood Methodist School. 

Mr. Colville King, Deputy Chief Agricultural Officer called attention to the importance of inspiring the next generation of leaders in agriculture. He explained the role of competition in fostering collaboration and networking, crucial for the future of agriculture in SVG. Mr King also underlined the need for continued innovation, citing the potential of protected agriculture, robotics and high-level technology in shaping the future of farming.

Mrs. Currel Thompson-Fergus, Senior Technical Officer at the Rural Transformation Unit, emphasized the importance of agriculture in the development of civilization, highlighting its role as the foundation of Caribbean civilization.  She stressed the need to pass on food production skills to future generations, especially in light of global warming and climate change.

According to Mrs Currel Thompson-Fergus, despite challenges such as heavy rains, flooding, damage from animals and praedial larceny, the teachers and students showed perseverance and determination by overcoming these setbacks. she commended the schools for their enthusiasm and energy, noting the fierce rivalry among them.  She thanked the funding agencies, Extension and Support staff who provided assistance throughout the competition. 

Mrs. Joycelyn Blake-Brown, Deputy Chief Education Officer, pointed out the educational benefits of school gardening and highlighted the positive impact on student-centred learning, health, environmental awareness and academic success.  Mrs. Blake-Brown urged schools to incorporate farming into their curriculum, emphasizing its role in in educating students for careers in agriculture and environmental stewardship.

Mr. Renato Gumbs, Chief Agricultural Officer, urged students to embrace science and technology in agriculture and emphasised the importance of understanding concepts like photosynthesis, pollination, and the role of bees in food production.  Mr Gumbs encouraged students to be positive and resilient in facing challenges, highlighting the Ministry of Agriculture's commitment to supporting their agricultural endeavours.

The ceremony was followed by the presentation of certificates, trophies and gardening equipment to the schools that excelled in constructing and maintaining sustainable, diverse school gardens.


Primary School Category: 

  • 1st - Lower Bay School Inc. 
  • 2nd - Sandy Bay Government School 
  • 3rd - Kingstown Anglican School 

Secondary School Category: 

  • 1st - St. Vincent Girls’ High School 
  • 2nd - Buccament Bay Secondary School 
  •  3rd - North Union Secondary School 

Best Use of Technology 

  • Primary -Lower Bay School Inc. 
  • Secondary - St. Vincent Girls' High School 

Best Management of Crop 

  • Primary - Lower Bay School Inc
  • Secondary - Buccament Bay Secondary School 

Most Sustainable Garden

  • Primary - Sandy Bay Government School 
  • Secondary - North Union Secondary School 

Best Management of Livestock 

  • St. Vincent Grammar School


  • Lower Bay School Inc.

Each participating school was also presented with participation trophies.




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