• Administer and implement the Fiscal Incentive regime and other business development programmes.
  • Examine, review and prepare incentive applications as stipulated under the Fiscal Incentive Act.
  • Conduct inspections and site visits of approved enterprises and preparation of status reports.
  • Collection and collation of data on the manufacturing sector.
  • Preparation of Cabinet Memos and briefs for Enterprises requesting duty free concessions.
  • Develop and design programmes and guidelines that would facilitate and enhance policy formation in relation to private sector development.
  • In collaboration with the Bureau of Standards prepare and process grant assistance request for small producers .
  • Provision of support and assistance to the Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) and the Bureau of Standards.
  • Assist in the preparation and execution of annual work plans in The Industry Division in the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry.
  • Performing other duties related to the Industry Division.
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