1. Presentation to schools upon request, and scheduled visits annually.
  2. Tour-guiding for schools to the Vermont Nature Trail by request.
  3. Provide information for School Base Assessment (SBA) and other related school projects upon request.
  4. Provide technical advice to farmers and private land-owners (Co-operate Forestry Agreements), initiated by officers.
  5. Thinning, pruning of orchards, windbreaks, individual trees and forest plantations.
  6. Assessment of trees to be cut or pruned.
  7. Valuation of trees for timber and non-timber forest species.
  8. Valuation of non-timber species, (pandanus, bamboo, etc.)
  9. Tree cutting.
  10. Damage assessment for trees and other non-timber forest species.
  11. Training in tree felling.
  12. Provide timber and lumber measurement.
  13. Lumber grading and valuation.
  14. Sale of plants
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